RiverWatch returns May 6th 2013

May 2013 The World002The “World” returned to Greenwich to show their wealthy resident passengers the delights of our riverside town – moored at Greenwich Tier- a deep water anchorage where the Ravensbourne runs into the tideway.

The panoramic view from her decks of the historic waterfront with Cutty Sark and the fresh green of the Royal Park must have been memorable. I enjoyed the spring morning armed with a cappuccino alongside the amusing statue of Peter the Great who surveys the massive new residential development now being unveiled of its scaffolding to reveal a striking 12 storey landmark. It seems ages since redevelopment of this old gasworks site – once promised to be a cruise ship terminal. Well, here was this splendid vessel alongside a floating passenger terminal before being ferried to the pier with its sparkling new bars and restaurants overlooking Cutty Sark.

The proposed cruise ship terminal is promised for next season’s arrivals. It is to be located much further downstream at Morden Wharf, half way to the O2. Somehow I feel the punters would be better pleased if they were only a stroll away from the town centre – but no doubt the ferry boats would still provide a jolly ship to shore transfer.

MS Fram001By chance the Norwegian super ferry MS Fram was also paying a call to the capital – being alongside HMS Belfast. A stocky and workmanlike ship based in Narvik – it’s just as tough as her name sake which enabled Roald Amundsen to win the race to the South Pole back in 1911.

I await the promised treats of ship movements as they pass my riverside studio – it’s a wonderful saluting base to greet visitors to our shores (once reserved for the Royal Navy at the RNC college steps). I also await the gastronomic pleasure of the new Waitrose store on Creek Road just within trolley range from home  – due to open on June 20th.

About RiverWatch returns

Peter Kent shares his Thames riverside studio viewpoint

3 responses to “RiverWatch returns May 6th 2013”

  1. Roger Price. says :

    Well done, Peter and Tony! I shall follow the blog with huge interest.


  2. Susan and Tim Goodwin says :

    Hi Peter,
    We have really enjoyed reading the blog today.
    We look forward to reading the next one in “Land-locked Ealing”.

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