The reason why this blog is being written

Talking to Tony Othen this evening, I asked him why people would read such a jumble-mumble.

Well, it all started when we did a house swap from Diamond Terrace to this riverside house down by the Old Royal Naval College.  Desmond Pritchett, editor of the long-established Guide Magazine, popped down to see the reason why we had moved from the elegant villa just off Hyde Vale to this challenging, 4-storey house built on the Thames bank side.

I explained that the challenge of writing a column in his magazine might be of interest to his Blackheath readership facing the challenge of the new world across the river at Canary Wharf.  “You’re on” Des said!  So I produced a monthly article illustrated by a sketch.  Little by little, my new riverine lifestyle extended my interest in adjacent riverside locations, architectural comment and reflections on the rapidly changing scene.  So Riverwatch was born!

With editorial freedom for some 12 years, I found myself producing illustrated double-page spread articles covering a diverse range of subjects.  The publishers who acquired the magazine seemed happy enough but my lack of modern equipment meant that some poor soul had to convert my handwritten ramblings into print. [Now I have the pleasure to be that ‘poor soul’ – TO]

So be it – then I went global – drawing illustrated maps of Maritime cities remembered from old travels which formed the basis of an exhibition held in Tony’s Greenwich Gallery (see

About RiverWatch returns

Peter Kent shares his Thames riverside studio viewpoint

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