Lighting the Maritime Way – The Exhibition.

Lighting the Maritime Way – The Exhibition.  January 4th-29th 2014


A big thank you for all you ‘bloggers’ who visited my pictorial homage to mark 500 years of Trinity House.

The Greenwich Gallery was a-buzzing with folk from far and wide to view my 25 images celebrating the diversity of Trinity House activities.  Judy and I were delighted to greet new and old friends.  Tony and Helen Othen did us proud in not only curating the show but also mounting and framing the prints and hanging  them in a spectacular manner.  The back boys, Richard and David of the DPC kept  on producing more and more prints upon demand – 25 were purchased!

The various parties were a great opportunity to entertain folk as well.  We were delighted to welcome the great and the good as well;  Chris Livett – a Queen’s Waterman – opened the show with skilled gusto which amused one and all.

Student friends from sixty years ago and neighbours of old turned up having travelled miles through wintry UK.  We were especially pleased by visits from Trinity House who were more than encouraging – hence two more designs to be done.

Our thanks to one and all.


A Spring Outing Overseas (well… just across the Solent to Cowes) to view the venue of the world’s most enduring regatta and also to spy out the land for the Tall Ships en route from Falmouth to Greenwich.

News from down under:  ‘The City of Adelaide’ has arrived on board a purpose-built craft mover, more than likely one of the Dutch fleet that cruises the oceans delivering yachts and the like.  The refurbishment of ‘The Adelaide’ will create an amazing amount of local enthusiasm just like the Cutty Sark has done for Greenwich – Bravo!!


click on image to enlarge

By the way, the Cutty Sark has now opened a small performance area which will echo performances of yesteryear which we both so enjoyed.  I am told it’s a 85-seater.  Robin Knox Johnston’s recent talk was quite rightly a sell-out.  He was an excellent chairman of the Friends of the National Maritime Museum.

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