The Tall Ships are coming!

combined tall ships are coming

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Well, August is upon us and some fifty tall ships are on their way to Falmouth for a great festival of sail at the end of the month.  An earlier visit there showed me the detailed planning that is so necessary for such an event.  The Cornish publicity machine, just like Greenwich, has been gearing up to the realisation of this dream which is soon to be a reality.

When the fleet completes the first leg of their race to the Isle of Wight, they will catch their breath before sailing in company up the English Channel.  Some fifty vessels will sail in company, rounding North Foreland into the Thames Estuary.  Check on timings on the internet, but a glimpse of their arrival into the Thames will be most impressive; patience is rewarded, so do your homework first.  Viewing from high ground is recommended but everybody will get a chance to see these remarkable ships as they moor up alongside numerous venues, also when they sail in smaller squadrons up and down the tideway over the 4 days, between 5th and 9th September.


pennin visit003

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Doing my homework earlier this year, I went to the Isle of Wight and to Falmouth where the fleet musters and their excited crews assemble.  I selected a critical viewpoint for a series of drawings which I propose to complete, ready for an exhibition at The Greenwich Gallery in December, just in time for Christmas.  Have a sneak view on this blog for further details anon!

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