31st August 2014 – The Tall Ships

31st August 2014 – The Tall Ships

My granddaughter Lottie Hack – a keen dinghy sailor from St. Mawes – phoned me full of excitement as the family had sailed out in their yacht to follow the Parade of Sail as the Tall Ships left Falmouth to race to the Isle of Wight and then sail in company up the Channel, then up the Thames to Greenwich.  My other contact Caroline Nimmo sails on the tall ship ‘Eye of the Wind’.  She has promised a day by day report on their passage.

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I feel sorry for the Falmouth folk as the fleet leaves port, having had a wonderful Regatta.  Look out Greenwich!  You’ll suffer the same sense of loss next Monday – be warned!!

PS:  The brigantine ‘Eye of the Wind’ sailed under a Danish flag after she had been rebuilt at Iron Wharf in Faversham – that same port had been semi-involved with her when she was with Alan Reekie, who was a skipper and owner of Sailing Barge Ironsides.  I believe he was part of the original crew too.  By chance, Judy and I were supping at our favourite Italian – Posiblio’s – on Faversham Creek, and there we met Caroline Nimmo.  I couldn’t resist asking her for memories of this fine vessel and she was delighted to reminisce with me while tucking her way through the Pasta Vongole.  I well remember Alan borrowing my kit from ‘Baltic Trader’ to study her rigging formation!!  Now she is heading for Falmouth and she will certainly be my favourite competitor.

Full of spectacular images on my brain, I watched the Harvest Moon reflecting in our local creek as I penned this blog just before bed at our Oare cottage overlooking the very creek where she was built – ain’t that remarkable!  Coincidence too!

5 combined xThe Tall Ships will be best seen from a river craft or along the Thames Path on both sides of the River.
A stroll along West India Dock ( Wood Wharf) or at Woolwich Arsenal Pier where excursions will be run.

Copies of these and other drawings will be on sale this weekend – on Friday at the Clocktower Market

also during the weekend at 15 Crane Street and The Greenwich Gallery.

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  1. buildthelenox says :

    Peter, the Lenox Project (www.buildthelenox.org) will be meeting the captain of the Russian frigate Shtandart, moored at Woolwich, for a private tour on Friday morning. Very excited!

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