Greenwich’s Cultural Centre

U of G for blogThe University of Greenwich has extended its campus to a new library and school of architecture in a very handsome new building in the heart of cultural Greenwich.  To my mind, its bold frontage to Stockwell Street has some resemblance to an ocean liner – the subtle curve of the frontage and mass echoes the ship builder’s skill.  I enjoyed sketching ‘her’ from the Café Rouge’s summer terrace.  It required a great deal of study to echo the subtle fenestration set into this stone-faced project.

I well remember seeing a student model laid out in our nearest car park demonstrating proposed access points – so we now have a direct new footpath into the main campus with a single pedestrian crossing, which also links to the student union and the park, where the Sammy Offer new wing adds contemporary space and grace to the National Maritime Museum.

The architects have managed to echo Hawkesmoor’s St. Alfege Church with its bold light and shade stonework (now being further restored).

Down by the Creek at Deptford, other large developments echo this bold massing with unexpected views of the award-winning Laban Centre.  What a welcome change to its newish, mundane neighbours in the town centre.

Trinity College of Music and Laban have added greatly to cultural venues and the growth of new galleries which also have cultural events, such as the Greenwich Gallery just off Royal Hill and also ‘Made in Greenwich’ in Creek Road, both of which we applaud.  The lunchtime concerts at St. Alfege and the RNC Chapel add richness to our town.

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One response to “Greenwich’s Cultural Centre”

  1. Anon says :

    Yes its much nicer than i expected and you make some good points about the architecture. Its quite fitting of its surroundings. I wonder how they are going to keep that light stone clean

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