Tunnel Vision – Crossing the Thames


Look out folks!  The East Greenwich Peninsula is rapidly changing from a once-heavy industrial waste land into yet another Dockland hub with extensive waterside housing.


The proposed Silvertown road link should help to elevate the horrors of meltdown in the present decrepit Blackwall Tunnels, where sudden closures happen in order to clear their foul, polluted air.



Only this week, motoring home from a family funeral in North London, we came to a grinding halt for 20 minutes or so just before the tunnel adjacent to the Olympic playground.  Eventually the lethal smog was cleared and we entered more than usually clear air and vision, and on into the bright and startling O2 area where a new college and business complex clusters around the Emirates cable car link across the river, which is just where the new Silverlink tunnel will be sited.  May I suggest that to view, you take the Jubilee Line or a bus to North Greenwich interchange into a bright new world of the O2.  Be sure to notice the enormous new hotel complex being built next to the O2, overlooking Canary Wharf.

tunnel001and 2x

It was more than 25 years ago that I joined Ian Moreton Wright to determine a likely route for a super highway across Docklands and the Thames x 2.  This would have elevated through traffic from our riverside communities and provided additional access to the rapidly expanding Isle of Dogs, the Royal Docks and of course the heavily trafficked Deptford / Greenwich as well!!

The painful and horribly expensive Limehouse Link will be matched by additional highway links which were essential to Canary Wharf, Stratford and the Royal Docks, never mind the O2 and the Olympics and, of course, Excel and City Airport.

I am sure Boris will persist on even more river crossings before the Dartford Crossing and Tilbury Gravesend (M2 / M20).

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