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Following on from my last blog about the work of the Mission to Seaman – here is an example of their work very close to home.

overseas news002

Now that spring is upon us, take a stroll down to Cutty Sark Gardens or even totter onto the pier to take in the surprising changes to the Greenwich Waterfront both upstream and down towards the O2.  Residential developments will surprise you, and a walk upstream will reveal the amazing new promenades providing a very different aspect to the old Thames Path.  Be sure to cross into Deptford via the chic new swing bridge;  pass by Millennium Quay towards the Ahoy Centre where traditional rowing is encouraged for all using their small fleet of Thames Traditional Watermen’s cutters;  pass by and discover bold new flats beyond at the site of a famous maritime boiler works, and where once a vast cold store for the Vestey meant importers stood adjacent to Deptford victualing yards and infamous cattle market.

overseas news007

Looking downstream from the Greenwich Pier (best seen from the roof terrace of the new Zizi restaurant) a hint of the proposed developments rising along this side of the Peninsula.  Residential blocks and a proposed cruise ship terminal, plus a massive hotel/entertainment complex adjacent to the O2 have changed this once busy industrial scene, dominated by vast gas works of yesteryear, the sole remaining gasometer is a lofty reminder.


overseas news005a

I intend to review the various schemes in detail, which should clarify the ever-changing riverside scene – watch this space as its growth contends with the Isle of Dogs high risers.


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