From Bristol to Trafalgar Night

After a splendid weekend in Bristol to see the Hack family and their recently refurbished home next to Clifton College and, of course, to visit the must-see Avon Gorge and the port’s historic floating dock. A lunch in the bright Autumn sun down by a lock side pump house, and a stroll around the dock side housing now with mature south-facing gardens, including a comparison of notes with a fellow waterside resident.

A break at the Membury M4 Services produced a delightful chance meeting with Roger and Jane Matthews, ex neighbours, who say they read this very Riverwatch blog. They should be doing their own as their new home has commanding views of the Bristol Channel. Avonmouth’s port seems to be a hub to import acres of motor cars as well as a new container wharf with a pair of giant cranes which, no doubt, also trades with the Orient. Recent news headlines focus on even more to come. Strangely enough, new dockside homes nearby are built on the site of a major coal burning power station which once thrived on Welsh coal.

Roger and Jane were able to report to Anthony Cross at Warwick Leadlay as they collected picture frames from his Gallery in Nelson Road here in Greenwich that the Kents were on their way to the Trafalgar Day showing of ‘That Hamilton Woman’, to be screened within the Old Royal Naval College that very night!


Who could miss the President of the Greenwich Historical Society introducing the film featuring the affairs of his hero Admiral Lord Nelson? His sparkling performance (he was sporting a replica of the ‘Chelengk’, sparkling but not rotating, on his chest).

nelson brooch001

‘Ant’ was in full fervour as he previewed the treats we were in for; the audience grasped the significance of the occasion as they were able to view diners celebrating the traditional dinner held within the candlelit Painted Hall on their way home through this hallowed architectural delight. No wonder that film makers love it too!

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One response to “From Bristol to Trafalgar Night”

  1. Anthony Cross says :

    Sir, you are required and directed to sell me forthwith the portrait of Lord Neslon (aka Admiral Bling) along with his jewel, please. Yours @ye xx WLG

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