Public art on the Peninsula

As one emerges out of the horror of Blackwall Tunnel, a new, high tower will greet you as you take the spur road towards the O2 and Greenwich Town Centre. The ten-storey high exhaust chimney to a new ‘local’ power station will be clad in a diamond decorated device, creating a welcome to the brave new town now being built. Designed by Conrad Shawcross and CF Mo0ller, it will surprise both visitor and resident. Nearly the height of the nearby gas holder and the recently demolished grain silos, it will echo the ‘scaffolding’ man perched on the Queen Elizabeth pier at North Greenwich, just by the O2 and the newly-erected inverted pylon adjacent to the new golf driving range.



Penninsula Art002Also of note is the lofty ‘skylon’-type sculpture overlooking Peninsula Square. The nearby twin pavilions are worth investigating as is the new park close by. It was opened just in time for the Urban Village Fete on the 10th May which, as a family, we thoroughly enjoyed; an enterprising event which was so well attended. Whoever could have imagined such a fun affair on this bizarre old gasworks site!!

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