The mega-star Intercontinental Hotel at North Greenwich

The mega-star Intercontinental Hotel at North Greenwich

…is now open. Upon a visit to this four star hotel rising 14 storeys high above the neighbouring O2 to view the amazing, luxurious fit out was most impressive.




The adjacent service road to this new conference centre and hotel, which is built to satisfy today’s modern, stringent requirements, an extraordinary clear space facility to compete with Central London’s best. It’s even larger than the famous Great Room at Grosvenor House and can accommodate 500 delegates within the hotel complex.

Both a BMW and then a Mercedes event opened its entrance into this competitive business. Meeting contented delegates at this dramatic riverside venue with extraordinary views from its penthouse and first floor restaurants.

Amazing to think this exposed brown field development, with its parking and servicing facilities, is only minutes away from North Greenwich transport interchange with its rapid Jubilee Line connections to the West End and only one stop away from Canary Wharf’s financial hub. Fleets of trucks brought in the sparkling display motors. The BMW delegates were checking out in the ground floor lobbies when I arrived, which could rival any international hotel. The friendly staff were mostly from SE London and were most welcoming. Travel to and from work was so easy compared to central London.

May I suggest a visit to view the extraordinary venue which will attract both high end business and tourists to view the glories of Greenwich and star entertainment at the O2 venues only five minutes away!

For those who wish to live in this neck of the woods, in spite of being astride the Blackwall Tunnel, an amazing four block building containing luxury apartments with extraordinary facilities within; not too dissimilar to another sky scraper residence just across the river in Millwall Dock, which is about to be ‘topped out’- forerunners of Wood Wharf’s extension to the Canary Wharf estate. Once a domain designed for financial wizards, The Trio skyscrapers will appeal to high living executives or perhaps Chinese and Russian investors – certainly not for families as the lack of schools, parks and medical centres is not for the likes of them. Alas, not unlike the new estates being built on the Greenwich Peninsula, which are rapidly changing the Greenwich we love and respect.

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