Down by the riverside – toot toot!

Out for a Saturday morning stroll in the winter sunshine, I decided to seek out the newly opened Fullers pub which is part of the New Capital Quay complex, located close to the new Waitrose supermarket, overlooking the wonderful panoramic view of the Greenwich expanding waterfront. A short walk along the Thamnes path upstream of the Cutty Sark and Greenwich Pier is now provided with a much welcome comfort stop.

sail loft001

Sited alongside ‘Welcome’, the PLA’s floating cruise ship terminal, the two-storey glass structure provides a fantastic panoramic view up towards the City, over to Canary Wharf and the rapidly changing Greenwich Peninsula with its host of new riverside apartments. Designed in hi-tech style, it will be great for all the family, especially when a gleaming white cruise ship arrives alongside. The ‘Sail Loft’ will rapidly become a very popular tourist attraction for those who enjoy promenading and , maybe, crossing the Deptford Creek by its new swing bridge which is only five minutes away on the most civbilised open promenade – a great venue for artists too!

wood wharf001

I found a snap if its location in years gone by, showing Wood Wharf’s maritime past. The lighters were drawn up on the old Horseferry slipway for repair. Pope and Bonds boat yard can be clearly seen; the new pub is located just where the aluminium beer barrels are stacked. Donkeys’ years ago the slipway led down to a cross-river ferry which was serviced by a cable-drawn mechanism operating from just here. Horses and carts were just loaded onto a rail-mounted platform which was then slowly moved to the floating ferry at whatever the state of the tide.

The pub boasts a lift to take one up to the upper drinking and eating area. Fullers – a family-run brewery – is located by the Thames at Chiswick Mall, which is also well worth a visit to view this gentle residential riverside area so close to the thundery highway to Heathrow (near the Hogarth roundabout).

In complete contrast, I spied this newspaper cutting from the Independent highlighting London and the Thames as viewed from the International Space Station, showing Greenwich and the Isle of Dogs and the Lea Valley river as it runs into the Thames just opposite the O2. The West End is ablaze with light, the London Eye can also be spotted in pink!! Thank you Major Tim Peak for this amazing contribution to River Watch!

from space001

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