At London’s largest Open Studio event

Talking of historic craft, we spotted ‘MV Iris’ an ex-Mersey ferry which is still moored up downstream from the Barrier. We had been invited to view an open studio by Delia Scales (daughter of Terry Scales, the well-known marine painter) featuring her stained glass workshop. Delia reported to us that this interesting ferry is awaiting possible restoration and hopefully return to her home port at Liverpool. Delia’s work is very graphic utilising traditional methods in exciting compositions as well as domestic decorations.

open studios001

Her studio is at Trinity Wharf (down by the Barrier). The PLA also have moorings here and we spotted ‘London Triton’, their new crane barge, lying adjacent to Trinity Wharf, part of the SFSA arts complex which is growing from strength to strength. It’s location is in Warspite Road at the roundabout just before Woolwich Church Street (A206) close to bus stops – an excellent viewing point of Tate & Lyle’s refinery with City Airport, the Barrier and north bank developments (which disappoint!!).

Be assured that the Metropolitan Police and the Harbour Master with sophisticated port control system cover the Thames. From time to time we see their fast moving ribs crowded with black-suited coppers out on exercise with a speedy launch in the lead. The once calm tideway begins to look like a race track – punters beware!

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