Down to the seaside

Just before we set off from the Trafalgar Tavern at 10:00 in the morning, we were surprised to see a fleet of fishing boats heading upstream. A variety of ‘in shore’ trawlers and the like were proceeding in an orderly fashion heading for Westminster to air their inclination to Brexit – no doubt to go about their business without the EU’s interference. A jolly be-flagged collection which had rendez-vous’d at Ramsgate, no doubt being joined by the Estuary boys from Whitstable and the Swale where our friend ‘Bluey’ supplies the local restaurant with prime fresh fish, and of course from Whitstable which supplies us cockneys with oysters and shell fish of every sort. Not surprisingly Farage and his friends in his flagship provided the media with photographic images galore.


As promised, down to Deal we went to view that other Time Ball – the last resting place of Nelson’s young protégée Edward Thornbrough Parker and, of course, to visit the Deal Maritime and Local History Museum which was a delight.


time ball001

deal museum



Manned by residents of a certain age and enthusiasm, it reminded us all of the delight of local collectors and the charm of this historic town’s impressive maritime role, sheltered in the safety of the Downs’ anchorage inshore from the threatening Goodwin Sands.


A purchased alarm clock will remind me of a promised return. Yes, as suspected, we four all sat down for a fine cod lunch overlooking a sunny English Channel – what japes chaps!!

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