In celebration of Time and Tide to the minute!


For many a year we have been most fortunate in celebrating the arrival of the brand new year with good old friends, taking it in turns to host the traditional roast beef of Old England with a prelude of starters and, later on, all sorts of naughty treats.  Alas, Father Time has taken his toll and new celebrants are recruited to keep the ball rolling.

The venues are up in Blackheath or down with us in Maritime Greenwich where we have tried to maintain a traditional theme, this time greeting the New Year out on the deck (tide and weather permitting).  Once we used to celebrate the actual minute to the cacophony of ships’ sirens and hooters, with the occasional flare illuminating the dockland scenario.  Alas, even the skill of the pipeman has long gone, replaced by popping of champagne corks and an outrageous burst of rapid fire as swirls of fireworks break over our unique river scene from the O2 up and over Canary Wharf, and here in traditional Greenwich with its floodlit Cutty Sark.



Way upstream along the South Bank an unimaginable barrage of red fire punctures the low cloud as devised and orchestrated fireworks thunder away in a frightening manner all around the illuminated Shard with its searchlight necklace at the hub of things.  Eventually party boats return to their home piers where paid up passengers disgorge to the nearest tube, which is free this year for one and all.

Toasts and thoughts are expressed by one and all as our guests from far and wide readdress their emotion to the ever-changing scenario so close to the prime meridian which reassures us as to where we are now, celebrating the passing of time, not knowing whatever the future holds.

Happy New Year to all our readers.

About RiverWatch returns

Peter Kent shares his Thames riverside studio viewpoint

2 responses to “In celebration of Time and Tide to the minute!”

  1. Anthony Cross says :

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Peter – where shall we go this year?


  2. pnselenews says :

    Thanks for the lovely views and vignettes. It provides refreshment to the soul.

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