Meeting the world and his wife face to face


Sweltering temperatures hit London town’s visitors with a vengeance as they coped not only with the heat but also the packed travel conditions on bus and train. Luckily, we Greenwich folk can head for the river where the change of tides often brings refreshing breezes. Better still travel up to town on the speedy but noisy Thames Clippers. Our favourite – but rare – bus number 188 can provide a door to door service to the West End, including the summer charms of Somerset House. Alas, more ambitious, jam-packed cross-capital routes with inexplicable delays give one an opportunity to gossip with fellow travellers face to face. The diversity of tourists from every corner of the world speaking English with ease amazes me: A Georgian family from Russia; a Shanghai couple who have escorted their daughter to a summer school up at Oxford; a young Harvard graduate facing the challenges of the Square Mile and thriving Canary Wharf practising his business speak…



A retired colonel of the Paratroop Regiment who has found peace here on our Greenwich waterfront told me of the jam-packed ferry from UK to the Falkland campaign. An informative dialogue with this ex-London harbour master, now based way up North on the Isle of Harris, added to my ferry talk knowledge gleaned from my monthly ‘Sea Breezes’ magazine. To share their good news, I include an article on a brand new British-built fast ferry to join their fleet of Australian-built craft based at Trinity Buoy Wharf just opposite the O2. Our neighbour Alan Woods was a founding partner with Sean Collins, who now runs the much-expanded fleet. Read on!!

Other welcome visitors included Jim from the States, who is the mayor of the town of Shelter Island and who lives on North Ferry Road. Also Sian and Mike from Sydney who enjoy returning to the UK whenever!

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