Half Term holidays

half term hols001I don’t think river folk realise how vast is the area of the O2 canopy, especially as a large segment of the upper levels have become a fashionable shopping venue (to compete with the likes of Blue Water and the Stratford Centre).  For years after the Millennium, the O2 was a venue for international musical festivals and sporting events which somehow or other featured on television channels.  Its vastness has now become even more apparent as one is able to be escalated into the upper heights to reveal the secrets of the giant yellow tent poles and areas never seen until now by the public, such as the giant ventilation hole which hopefully elevates the Blackwall tunnel traffic fumes up and away through the double layered canopy.


half term hols003It’s well worth exploring this stylish, circular shaped mall which is full of international traders who have opened up, away from Knightsbridge and the other fashionable retail venues.  Attractive discounts will bring shoppers via the speedy Jubilee Line and DLR, but alas not for the cruise ship brigade which was planned for the Greenwich Cruise Ship terminal a little further upstream. (This has been turned down by the planners.)

half term hols002

A good day to visit the O2 complex would be Sunday 19th May, when the annual Urban Village Fete brings a multitude of festivities which we have enjoyed over the past few years, held close to the North Greenwich Interchange.  The proposed Design Complex is now under construction next to the successful Steve Parle’s Craft restaurant where I take coffee, which will thrive all the better with a multitude of design folk on their doorstep upon completion in 2 years’ time.

While down that way, pop into IKEA’s new flagship store.


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One response to “Half Term holidays”

  1. dpreeyore says :

    It is worth adding, Peter, that the original purpose of the ‘second level’ was to house one of the Government’s proposed ‘Super Casinos’. I can’t remember now whether they were all eventually dropped or whether this one lost out in the decision-making process. Whatever, it is good to see another reason for the Dome to flourish as a full 16-hour venue rather than simply as an occasional tourist destination during the day.

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