Here’s Peter Kent submitting yet another Riverwatch report

The ebb and flow of the Thames invites leisure craft to get up and go, especially when the SW winds blow setting the sailing craft from Ahoy off for a spin downstream, the escorting tender and youngsters at the ready for a sail back to base at Deptford HQ.

A classic yacht motored down from St Katherines Marina, escaping to open waters away from the capital.  A long Dutch houseboat headed upstream from her winter quarters on her way to moorings beyond the capital perhaps.  Another classic sailing craft of Dutch origin headed downstream alongside ‘Devout’ – one of our local tugs – on to a summer mooring.

ebb and flow 3

Also using the ebb, our only sand ballast ship plying the tideway on her daily mission heads downstream from Fulham to just beyond Gravesend where she will load another cargo of freshly de-salted, sea-dredged aggregate from the Thames Estuary.  Remarkable to think of that Foulness sand bank passing by…

ebb and flow 2

John Greenleaf used to run the Prior fleet out of my home port of Colchester (Fingringhoe Wharf just opposite Wivenhoe) – a daily service to Brewery Wharf on Deptford Creek, where the cement mix was added and then dispatched to building sites here abouts.

ebb and flow 1

As a lad I used to cycle around the Fingringhoe pits – an adventure playground – and wave goodbye to the loaded coasters London bound.  Alas, this historic daily service is no more.

ebb and flow 4

Tug ‘Devout’ returns to base after her 50-minute job.

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2 responses to “Here’s Peter Kent submitting yet another Riverwatch report”

  1. Paul Holden says :

    Surely that’s a Prior boat passing the cruise liner in your last pic, not Devout?

  2. dpreeyore says :

    No mention of the small liner in the last pic, Peter.. what’s that and why is she mid-steam assuming that’s opposite you?

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