Giant Sewer movements on the tideway

Tug away folks as new energy has been expanded onto the tide.  Trying to catch up with the enforced river closure by lockdown.  Old new friends claim the right of passage as they return in force.  New hooters sound out as full service returns to the regular Thames Clipper timetable – or so it seems – many appearing in fresh identity.  It’s been a fortnight since we both took a welcome return trip up to Westminster and back in order to catch up with old Father Thames’ renewed energy, but have to report many anchorages still full of craft.

Our local rowers are back in earnest trying to reactivate their regular summer outings, but only singles are permitted.  We miss their  crunch on the foreshore making most of the daylight hours between the ever-changing tides as commercial craft proclaim their right of passage.  Accurate timing is required when moving great loads.



Late yesterday afternoon I was suddenly aware of the   passing shadow of a giant structure on the move as a giant tunnel rig machine is barged up to its launching pad in the Lower Pool.


Months of tunnel boring primed for the launch of its super sewer tunnel machine. (Not too dissimilar to Brunel’s Thames Tunnel back in 1869 – a site worth visiting just down stream in Railway Avenue, Rotherhithe, tel: 020 7321 3840).



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One response to “Giant Sewer movements on the tideway”

  1. Eleanor Clark says :

    Great to see Peter Kent online again. Now we really are getting back to civilization!!
    Eleanor and Ian

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