Ahoy – to one and all

Lively families thronged the narrow passageways and the ancient riverside street contrasting with
the more recent promenades which provide generous cycle and mixture of runways for athletes and
dads navigating prams, pushchairs and grandparents – all creating bonhomie. Alas, some landlords
upset the local law who were swift in dishing out eye-watering fines. We have dined splendidly on
take out Sunday lunches with all the trimmings – alas we should have restricted ourselves by sharing
portions – but what a joy as we delved into our beautifully presented brown carrier bag. Bravo
indeed as ‘au point’ beef was a true delight.
Back home to admire the splendid tennis just down the road at the O2 – the ‘Nitto ATP Finals’. The
O2 was ablaze with floodlighting which the world shared with us ratepayers who were nowhere to
be heard or to be seen – just the dashing ‘ball boys’ dashing around the coloured court as practised
in Henry V111 glorious days, so brilliantly acted out by my favourite historians on a choice of
channels!! Local limousines conveyed the contestants from the InterContinental just down the way
– I also spotted the occasional bedroom suite lit up with unusual occupancy in these dark and dreary

Meanwhile over in Canary Wharf, ablaze with Manhattan splendour, even more contenders switch
on for the first time as developments come to life on completion – some 40 storeys high!! (the
highest living accommodation in London!).
Also another surprise – a fleet of tug-towed lighters laden to the gunnels with a chalky substance
heading downstream to some suitable dump. Trying desperately to identify which part of the super
sewer it has been mined from in their tunnelling venues – obviously from an upstream reach,
perhaps Limehouse? There’s been much activity at Victoria Deep Water wharf where a major
aggregate facility has been constructed to load and off-load sea-dredged products for the
construction industry. I look forward to sea-going craft trading here.

I also wish to thank the Othens for all work on Riverwatch, turning my monthly into presentable
form – I wish them well and for their kindness over the years. Bravo!
Best wishes to one and all!

About RiverWatch returns

Peter Kent shares his Thames riverside studio viewpoint

2 responses to “Ahoy – to one and all”

  1. Lesley Hodsdon says :

    Dear Peter

    How lovely to read your piece…from the sunshine of Sydney! I’ve decamped here to avoid the Winter and CV19 and be with my son and his wife. Also catching up with my old friends…helping with the consumption of aged wines in their cellars!

    So sending you both festive greetings for Christmas in Greenwich🎄 and hopefully a better New Year.

    Best wishes Lesley 🇦🇺

  2. Frances Gibbons says :

    Thank you Peter for another interesting and evocative view of this section of our river. Bravo to you too from Frances

    Sent from my Galaxy

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