A busy rowing season approaches

The Thames Path curls its way round the back of the Trafalgar Tavern, the Yacht Pub and past the Trafalgar Rowing Centre which houses both the Curlew and  Globe rowing Clubs, past our house and across the watergate which gives access to the tideway from the Curlew Rowing Club with its large boat store and first floor gym.

During the recent shut-down, the club premises have been closed but will be reopening as promised.  Often crowded with runners, walkers, tourists and cyclists, with rowers gaining access to the sandy, firm foreshore, the Thames path has often become very crowded!!  The launching area on the foreshore slopes gradually to the tideway providing a firm foothold for the crews.  On weekdays regular outings take place for all the various craft from length ‘eight’ to solo.  The passing tourist is sometimes shocked to find the footway crammed with sportsmen, and making exit down our front doorsteps slightly hazardous for us oldies; care is required by one and all.

The quaint, terraced passageway is very humble compared to the grandeur of Wren’s Greenwich Hospital with its narrow, railed path and formal steps giving access to the ‘beach’ – very slippery when weed is at its full growth.  In the ‘Navy Days’, formal salutes were exchanged from ship to shore, and sometimes this continues by the uninformed!  My son rows with The Curlew on the tideway and occasionally in the Royal Docks adjacent to City Airport’s runway which have recently been far from busy.  Whilst providing stretches of water for interclub events, it can be very smelly with jet fumes when fully operational.  Now that Covid restrictions are changing, we hope to welcome our son’s fellow rowers and their  worldwide clubs.

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One response to “A busy rowing season approaches”

  1. Martyn Tomkins says :

    Happy Days in the deck at 19A in 2012/3. Chatting with you and watching the rowers doing their thing.

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