Living by the River, life is never dull.

The Globe Rowing Club’s customary preparations on the foreshore by chance coincided with the passage of a flotilla filming a tug and lighter bearing a replica of a massive Burberry handbag. 

Also, it’s Doggetts Race Day up at the Inner Pool where four young watermen compete at midday to race up to Chelsea’s Cadogan Pier – remarkable for being the oldest annual contest event in the British sporting calendar.  Today competitors have trained in our neck of the River from the Globe Rowing Club.  The course is 4½ miles long from London Bridge, takes about 30 minutes and needs expertise to navigate through the bridges.

The prize is quite handsome, as the winner is presented with the fashionable Doggets Coat and Silver Badge to be worn on his sleeve, and which gives him the right to attend many City and fashionable social events in the capital.

The Globe members turned up to support, and I believe their captain was skulling up to Fishmongers Hall, which is, indeed, a mammoth row.  The Kents were on one of the fine Silver Fleet launches to support Tom Woods win – indeed a day to remember!!

By chance I went by ‘Uber’ to Tower Pier to deliver an idea I had for a statue to be placed here in the Royal Naval College in honour of the late Duke of Edinburgh.  My rough sketches were addressed to the Princess Royal who is the present Master of Trinity House and who attended the exhibition at the National Maritime Museum highlighting Trinity’s 500 years serving the mariner around our shores.  Founded in Deptford in 1512, their HQ on Tower Hill at the heart of maritime London is adjacent to the National Memorial for the Merchant Navy – lest we forget!!

As I write, ‘London Titan’, the PLA’s foremost floating crane, passed upstream with the crew smartly kitted out.

Never a dull moment.

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